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Lafer manufactures packaging machines for both food and non-food products.

Packing systems are available for J-wrapping, flow wrapping, counting and weighing, and more.

Packages can be single item or multi-item, piece count or weight counted.

For food, there are many options for machinery, but the basic machines are flow wrapping or J-fold wrapping.  Packages can even be mixed products of hardware where you need  an exact count of each piece, or they can make you a packaging machine for putting all the various parts into one "Smart Pack" package where each type part is in its own section and labeled as step one or part numbers and the package had multiple pockets.

Find solutions to your packaging needs, applying the latest available technology, headed by Lafer Packaging team consolidated know-how and many years of experience and competence, animated by the passion and proud to produce tailor made machines.

Lafer packaging production program includes a wide range of packaging machines using flexible wrapping material, completed by customized distribution/feeding/end-line systems to generate complete automatic packaging lines for food and non-food industries.

Lafer is part of Global Food Network, a chain of specialized companies able together to supply turn-key plants for food products.

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