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BRM Single Wheel Pedestal Polisher:  Available in single, double, or multi-speed (with inverter), up to 4,4 kW (3-6 hp)
SP 960: An  excellent Manual buffing machine with a 1 meter cotton wheel.  Well suited to either liquid or solid buffing compounds.  This buffing machine has a variable speed drive and a 7.5 hp motor. Indirect drive, 400 to 1000 rpm. Also available with a brake motor.
PLA Single Wheel Polisher:  Single wheel polisher, 3 phase .5 hp to 1.5 hp. Right hand or left hand polishing wheel placement.
PLM Single Wheel polishing unit:  Single wheel polisher, 3 phase .75 to 2.5 hp.  Right hand or left hand polishing wheel placement.  Single or double speed polishing
PLM-SB Single wheel pedestal polisher:   3 phase 3 hp to 4 hp.  Single speed, double speed or multispeed motors
PLN1 Single shaft pedestal polisher:   3 phase,  2 hp to 3 hp.
PLS Double shaft polishing machine:   on bearings Left or right side, on stand or bench-type  Single speed or double speed.  4-6 hp motors
BR and BRC Double wheel polisher:  Single motor - two wheel pedestal buffing and polishing  machine.  Available as single, double, or variable speed (with inverter), up to 7,5 kW (10 hp).
PL 2 Wheel pedestal buffer:   1.5 to 3.5 horsepower, single double, or multispeed with variable speed inverter.  One motor and two shafts for mounting of polishing mops and wheels.
DBR Two motors / two wheel buffing pedestal:  Two polishing shafts for two operations.  1 - 3 hp motors
SRD Dual shaft polisher / buffer:  Spindle shaft with either  bearings or oiled bushings.  Available as single, double, or variable speed (with inverter), up to 4.4 kW (6 hp).
LN S-C Tool Post Buffer / Polisher:  5.5 hp polishing head for mounting on lathe tool post.


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