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Brass Casting Machines and Foundry Equipment for Brass and Bronze foundry:

In-depth information on our line of gravity casting machines for brass and bronze alloy can be found at

COMPACT is an up to date, small and compact machine, allowing for both side and frontal pouring (also for double pouring), for very fast working operations.  For gravity die casting of brass and bronze components.

No machine foundation is required.  Suitable for permanent mold dies with vertical parting lines.  The electric push button control is located near the operator.   Die graphitization is by rotating and dipping into the graphite tank.  The tank is made of Stainless Steel

  • Automatic, Manual, or semi-auto
  • Non-Removable graphite tank
  • Frontal or side pour
  • Maximum standard die size of 500 mm. diameter
  • Quick change die mountings
  • Max die weight              265 Lbs.
  • Max die size        19.6 in. Diameter
  • Max die thickness                7.8 in.
  • Die opening 12 inches nom.
  • Frontal pour tilt     90 degrees max.
  • Lateral pour tilt     90 degrees max.
  • Machine Dimensions         66 w x 70 l x 61 h (inches)

The CHP LBB has a  base structure that supports the machine allowing front and side pouring and rotates the die in front of the operator for an easy cleaning. 

The whole structure has been conceived to solve customers’ space problems.  The machine width is only 1600 mm.  The graphitizing tank is removable and interchangeable.

  • Max die weight                440 Lbs.
  • Max die size                       19.69 in. Dia
  • Open Platen Distance   20.0 in.
  • Opening stroke                13.78 in.
  • Frontal pour tilt                90 degrees max.
  • Lateral pour tilt                90 degrees max.
  • Machine Dimensions      86w x 86.6 l x 64"h

The CHP LBC:   The Machine has a working cycle for lateral and frontal pouring. It is most suitable for hydro-sanitary fittings / plumbing fittings with the use of the top core attachment. 

Its practical and easy operation is a guarantee for a very long working life of the machine, without any problem of maintenance.

  • 90° Tilting movement for front and 60° side casting.
  • Mixing of water and graphite by 2 agitators.
  • Easy and efficient adjustments.
  • Very easy to operate.
  • 500 mm maximum die diameter
  • 200 kg maximum die weight
  • 100kg top core weight
  • 350 mm opening stroke
  • 0 - 90 degrees frontal pour tilt
  • 0-60 degrees lateral pour tilt
  • 2200 x 2200 x 2450 mm ( W x D x H)




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