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Brass Casting

Casting and foundry equipment for brass and aluminum


We have many new things to offer in the area of Foundry Equipment.  We have new Foundry Equipment for casting Aluminum.  The Aluminum Foundry Equipment includes Permanent Mold, Tilt-Bed, Low Pressure Casting and High Pressure Die Casting.  Not only will you find what most people consider Foundry Equipment, but you will find the process machinery for secondary operations as well.  Based on the size of the part to be cast in your foundry, the right casting equipment for your aluminum part can be found here.

For the Brass Foundry Equipment we have a wide assortment of  machines and processes.  Permanent Mold Machines, also called Hydraulic Gravity Die Casting Machines are a replacement process for Green Sand Foundry.   Hydraulic Gravity Die Casting Machines are available in a wide variety of sizes and options.  Secondary operations for the foundry are addressed as well.  A complete Line of Foundry Equipment and support machinery is available for Brass Casting.

Our process are used for:

  • Automotive casting
  • Brass sanitary fittings
  • Faucets and taps
  • Engine cylinder head
  • Pistons
  • Electric motor housings
  • Wheels and rims
  • Electrical fittings and connectors
  • Mountings and brackets
  • Brass decorative hardware
  • Plaques
  • Intake and exhaust manifolds
  • Pump housings and impellers
  • Water meters and valves
  • Door handle and door hardware
  • Artwork
  • Bushings
  • Most any nonferrous casting

Additional, in-depth information on casting machines for aluminum and brass can be found at



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