LPC 300
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For dry tube grinding and polishing of tubes and pipes.  Bent and curved tube and pipe can be polished, as well as straight pipe , tube, and bar.  Changing the belt, you can grind tube and polish tube on the same machine. 

This Planetary belt tube polishing and grinding machine rotates the belts around the pipe or tube being polished - the tube does not rotate.  For dry applications only.

  • Each grinding belt makes two movements:
    • A rotation movement on the pulling rollers
    • A revolution movement around the axis of the
      tube to be polished.

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Technical Features

Piece Minimum Diameter 10mm. / .39 inches
Piece Maximum Diameter 100 mm. / 3.93 inches
Piece Minimum Bending Radius 150 mm. / 5.90 inches




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