LPC 90
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This enables to grind, to smooth or to polish the part on all its length, without the need to rotate it. The surface of the part can be polished and made ready for the Galvanic bath with different kind of grinding belts according to the finishing required. 

Common Uses:

  • for grinding, cleaning, smoothing, polishing of ferrous and non ferrous metals, like copper, plastics, wood.
  • The machine is able to work on cylindrical, conical and oval parts. The tubes or pipes or bars, can be bended in any kind of complex form, before been worked.
  • Each grinding belt makes two movements:
    • A rotation movement on the pulling rollers
    • A revolution movement around the axis of the
      part to be worked

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Technical Features

Piece Minimum Diameter 10 mm. / .39 inch
Piece Maximum Diameter 25 mm. / .98 inch
Piece Minimum Bending Radius  




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