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New Products:
We now offer TECMES assembly systems for electrical, plumbing, and hardware.  TECMES also makes high speed coffee bean processing and packaging into pods and k-cup style packages. 

We also offer LAFER Packaging systems for food and hardware.

Buffing & Polishing Equipment
Manual & Automatic Polishing machines and Surface Finishing Equipment.  Polishing pedestals, grinding pedestals, abrasive belt grinders, automatic polishing systems, automatic grinding equipment.
buffing and polishing equipment
Distillation Equipment
Reclamation of inks, solvents and other liquids.  Manual and Automatic distillation for closed-looping process waste and by-products.  Vacuum distillation for flammable solvents.
Wastewater Evaporators
Water evaporators for reduction of wastewater, with heat pumps, steam or hot water heating.  Water Evaporators from 10 liter per hour on up.
wastewater evaporators
Casting  Equipment
Foundry Equipment for Aluminum and Brass casting.  Low-Pressure, High Pressure, Gravity Feed casting, Permanent Mold casting, Dosing Equipment & more...
For both aluminum and brass / bronze casting.
casting machines
Piston Coating Equipment
Automatic & Manual Application Machines for Graphite Coating of Automobile and Truck Pistons.  Manual & Automatic Systems for the application of coating to pistons.
piston coating equipment
Washers and Ovens
Industrial washing Equipment for part cleaning prior to coating applications or assembly and for washing tooling such as screens and ink pans.  Automatic systems and manual wash tanks available.  An assortment of Reclamation units are also available.  Ovens for powder cure and drying applications as well.
industrial washers and ovens
Shot Blasting Equipment
Many styles of shotblasting equipment and systems.  Rotary tables, hoist types, hook types, blasting tunnels, and more.  For shot blasting machines and abrasive blasting equipment.
shotblasting equipment

Assembly Systems and Equipment

Tecmes rotary table assembly machines:  Used for assembly of cosmetics, razors, electrical components, plumbing hardware, furniture hardware and much more...  Also Linear tables for palletized assembly.

Packaging Systems and Packaging machine

Lafer J-Wrap and Flow-wrap packaging systems for food and non-food products.

Coffee pod packaging equipment

Coffee bean grinding and packaging including the filling, weight check and sealing of coffee pods and K-cup style cups.




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