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Sawyer and Smith Corporation offers a wide range of equipment for support of your foundry processes. As opposed to being just a "sales office", we are dedicated to the installation, service and support of the equipment we sell, as well as equipment from others. 

Starting out in 1990,  we began as a maintenance and Engineering service company. After acquisition of one of our customers services, we began our endeavor into equipment sales, augmented by our previous experience in Plant Engineering, machinery design and maintenance. 

Today we are a Tier 1 supplier, holding Patents on equipment of our own design. Designs which were prompted by trying to meet the needs of our customers. 

Key Benefits

  • One phone call does it all 
  • Single source reliability 
  • You get a "process" and not a group of machines! 


  • Plant Layout and Design 

We will gladly offer full installations or just a single machine. From the melting of the metal, to the machining of the casting, right down to the finishing and assembling equipment, we can offer the latest in technologies connected to and ergonomic, effective layout. 

  • Installation and Service 

When a machine comes from over seas, many times the service and support comes from over seas as well. Located mid-way between Toledo and Cleveland Ohio, we can easily reach Detroit Metro or Cleveland Hopkins Airports. Response time is short, the service is quick. 



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