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Sawyer and Smith is proud to introduce our two new vendors in 2015!

First we have TECMES, an automation company that produces assembly systems and assembly platforms for cosmetics, hardware, electrical components, casters and wheels, and nearly anything that requires detailed assembly.  Assembly benches can operate as fast as 120 cycle per minute.  Click for more on Tecmes Assembly Machines and Systems.

TECMES also offers COFFEE processing and packaging equipment for coffee pods and K-cup style packages.  These coffee packing machines are  not only grinding, but also packaging, weighing, and sealing so that you have and end product ready for market.  Click for more information on  Tecmes COFFEE PACKAGING SYSTEMS.


Our second new vendor is LAFER Packaging, a high speed packaging equipment company for food products as well and non-food such as hardware.  They manufacture packaging systems for flow wrapping and packaging systems for J wrapping.  Packages can even be mixed products of hardware where you need so many of each piece, or they can make you a packaging machine for putting all the various parts into one "Smart Pack" package where each type part is in its own section and labeled as step one or part numbers.  The choice is yours!  More on Lafer packaging machines can be found HERE.





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