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Piston Coating:

Piston Coating has been used for many years in Europe and in the United States.   Piston Coating is performed on automobile pistons and on pistons for commercial vehicles.  Pistons that have been coated offer advantages over pistons that have not been coated.  Previously, tin has been used to coat pistons.  Tin plating has many disadvantages with respect to E.P.A. and waste disposal.

A coated piston with a thickness of 12 microns shows only 2 microns of wear after 300,000 miles of simulated operation.  Benefits of piston coating are reduced engine noise, increased performance, reduced emissions and lubrication on cold start-ups.

On the following pages, information is provided on the purposes and methods of piston coating, and on the equipment we offer for the application.  The benefit to our piston coating systems and equipment are single source reliability, service and support.  The methods and equipment we employ for piston coating are ergonomic, economical and environmentally friendly.  Ancillary equipment is available to close loop the waste steams of the process.

Automatic and manual machines are available for coating pistons as well as automatic and manual systems.

 Automatic piston coating Machine

Benefits of Screen Printing Pistons:

1.  Coating material savings of by 60 - 80 % compared to conventional spray coating method.

2.  Uniform application of 5 to 80 microns with a thickness tolerance of 2 microns.

3.  No air cleaning system required. Productivity is increased due to only 3 minute setup time.

4.  Allows the application of clearly defined, high-precision shapes and very accurate edges.

5.  The piston coating system can be easily integrated into a fully automated production line.

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Please visit www.pistoncoating.cc  for more information on piston coating equipment and systems!


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