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Automatic piston coating machine

for screen printing on Pistons

In comparison to all previous screen printing machines the innovatory technology of the automatic machine offers decisive advantages.

The squeegee is kept at constant pressure and on special critical zones as for instance sharp edges it is pressure-less operated. Due to this the lifetime of the screen and squeegee will be considerably extended.

On the automatic machine, electronic sprockets and friction wheels are completely eliminated, as drive and synchronization is performed incrementally exactly by means of an "electronic shaft". By the one-time input of all production parameters on the operator panel all relevant values for the coating of each round body are stored.

The control computer stores those setting values for each body under a freely selectable number for instance article number, customer’s number, order number or similar. When this number is recalled, the machine immediately and automatically adjusts itself to these parameters and the screen shaft and body rotating shaft are driven true to dimensions and synchronously. This reduces the set-up times considerably. In case of piston coating the set-up time of so far more than half an hour could be reduced to below 5 min.

For changing the screen, corrections are scarcely necessary. Screen change in a few seconds. A further advantage of this machine is an integrated paper printing system. With this system you are able to make trial prints on paper at any time for control purposes. Due to this faulty prints on the parts to be printed are reduced and consequently also considerably the scrap rate.

The machine is designed for manual as well as for automatic loading and unloading. The automatic handling devices are available on request as well as an image processing system for control of the printing quality. Due to this a 100 % documentation and quality control is possible.

Standard equipment:

  • 3-axes controlled circular printing machine.
  • adjustable, constant squeegee pressure for each squeegee.
  • electronic cams for squeegee advance and lifting.
  • electronic gearing for optimum diameter adaptation via software.
  • override potentiometer for the control of the screen speed from 0 - 100 %.
  • paper printing device for printing quality monitoring.
  • menu-assisted operator panel for retrieval and input of all production parameters.
  • operating data acquisition and maintenance indications via operator panel.
  • storage capacity standard up to 150 piston types.
  • rotary indexing plate with quadruple accommodation for the pistons.
  • prepared for handling equipment for fully automatic loading and unloading.
  • prepared for fully automatic optical quality control during printing operation.
  • interface for printing of operating data.

Main Dimensions:

  • Height                                           approx. 2.400 mm
  • Width                                                      approx. 2.000 mm
  • Depth                                                      approx. 2.000 mm
  • Weight                                                    approx. 850 kg
  • Electrics:                                                 230/480 V, 50 cps
  • 3 ph connected load:                                 6 kVA
  • pneumatics:                                             6 bar, 120 l/min.
  • squeegee:                                                2 squeegees



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