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TMI-9800 Semi-Automatic Piston Screen Printing Machine

Modern electronics and easy serviceability make it possible to adjust and reassemble the machine quickly. A fine adjustment of the screen facilitates the setting of the machine, particularly during printing of round objects. The clearly arranged control panel facilitates the adjustment, each modification can be controlled immediately via the manual control. The squeegee holder is fitted with a quick-locking device, to change the squeegee quickly without tools. The squeegee head can be removed simultaneously. The basic structure of the TMI-9800 is a bench screen printing machine.  The printing bench can be disassembled with the advantage that the TMI-9800 can be integrated directly into automatic assembly lines. Without any problem, rotating tables and/or operation by a timer may also be used.


  • Sturdy and precise drive
  • Sturdy and precise guides
  • Fine adjustment of screen x-y diagonal
  • Adjustable squeegee angle
  • Easy and quick adjustment
  • Adjustable squeegee pressure
  • Quickly exchangeable squeegee device
  • Quiet run
  • High print speed
Technical data:
  • Voltage 230VAC, 50Hz or 115VAC, 60Hz
  • Wattage 200 Watt
  • Compressed Air 4 BAR minimum for squeegee pressure
  • Control Microprocessor
  • Printing size 300 x 250 mm Max
  • Screen size 530 x 430 x 40mm
  • Screen Lift 140mm Max
  • Weight 50Kg
  • Dimensions L: 900mm, D: 700mm, H: 620mm


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