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We now have a new process for applying anti-friction coating to small diameter pistons for air conditioning compressors and small engine pistons such as those used in gardening equipment like a chain saw.

Unlike conventional application methods such as spraying, these systems require no masking of the part to be coated.  With our selective application method, even the top land area of a small piston can be coated with an anti-friction coating.  This cannot be done with spray applications since the top of the piston must first be covered with a masking boot to keep the material from going into the ring groove.  Obviously this boot itself is sprayed, wasting the anti-friction coating.

In the spray method of application, pistons must be masked prior to coating and the boots removed after the curing process.  This also will waste valuable manpower, not to mention the chemicals needed to clean the masking materials for re-use.  But then again, we did mention it, didn't we?

That's because our new process has  nearly 100% utilization of the anti-friction coating material.  No masking.  No over spray.  No manpower to put the boots on or take the boots off.  

As show above, both ends of an air conditioning piston (raw part) are coated without masking
or over spray. 

Small diameter pistons with and without top land coating.

No spray, no screens, nearly no expendable tooling, no V.O.C. or air pollution worries.
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