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Shot blasting machine for marble-chip floor tiles, girders, components for fences, staircases, castings and applications for structural shapes.

These shot blasting machine are equipped with either a wire mesh or rubber conveyor belts, and an automatic system to  recover and  recondition the shot blast media.

Automatic system of suction and elimination of dust. This is a dry treatment and the extracted dust can be easily drained or reutilized.  A series of special devices (speed variability of the conveyor turbines and control of the flow rate and direction of shot blast throw) added to a competent choice of the number and position of the turbines as well as the shot direction permits the user to select from the control board the parameters most appropriate to the kind of expected working applications.  An air blow air device, sometimes coupled to a brushing system, permits the perfect cleaning of the material at the end of the shot blasting process.

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Brushing for a perfect clean  Shot blasting of Marble



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