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Distillation equipment is used for solvent recovery, to close loop your waste streams for ink, solvent, paint, or most any wash solution.  Distillation equipment  is available for manual operation and for automatic operation of solvent recovery.  

With distillation equipment, your solvent waste stream is reduced and the clean solvent is returned for your re-use.   Manual solvent distillation machines can distill to 95% to 98% of the waste and automatic solvent distillation machines can distill near 100% of the waste.

industrial distillation equipment
distillation equipment with scraper

Solvent Distillation equipment designed with mixing blades can mix the waste solvent during the solvent recovery process,  so that the discharge of the distillation system is a powder or a flake.  Without the mixing blades, the solvent distillation units would reduce the waste to a thick syrup or paste.  

If you want your solvent recovery process to distill to a powder or a flake, often the result is that the discharge can be disposed of as a non-hazardous material.  Obviously, if your distillation still bottom waste is a thick syrup, you may have to dispose of it as a hazardous material.  Only the dry waste can pass the T.C.L.P. tests required by the Environmental Protection Agency.

For solvent distillation / solvent recovery, vacuum plants can be attached to distill the solvent while under a vacuum.   Using vacuum solvent distillation, the boiling point of the solvent is lowered, decreasing the temperature necessary for distillation and also avoiding possible detriment to certain solvents.

Additional, in-depth information on solvent distillation equipment can be found at www.distillationequipment.biz


solvent distillation equipment

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