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Model NOK tube notching  machine
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Part samples from Tube Notching Machine

The Garboli Model NOK tube notching machine:

A tube notching machine for notching and shaping the ends of tubes and pipe.  Bars, square tube, pipe and similar shapes can be notches or shaped on the ends with this notching machine.

The NOK tube notching machine comes optional with two grinding belt speeds.

 tube notching machine PDF Download the Garboli NOK tube notching machine PDF file


Tube notching machine Technical Features

Tube or bar Minimum Diameter 20mm. / .78 inches
Tube or bar Maximum Diameter 120 mm. / 4.72 inches
Work Angle 30 - 90 degrees
Belt Motor 3 kw / 4 HP
Rotation Speeds 1400 / 2800 rpm.
Belt Size 2000mm x 120mm / 78 x 4.72 inches
Weight 180 kg /
Dimensions 1600 x 900 x 1100 mm / 62 x 35 x 43 inches




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