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LPC 90

A tube machine for grinding, cleaning, smoothing, polishing of ferrous and non ferrous metals, plastics, wood.

The machine is able to work on cylindrical, conical and oval parts. The tubes or pipes or bars, can be bent or curved in any kind of complex form, before being polished.

From .39 inches to .98 inches diameter capacity.

LPC 160

For polishing or grinding of tube, pipe, metal, wood and irregular shaped bent or curved products such as an elbow.

From .39 inches to 1.81 inches diameter capacity.

LPC 300

Tube and pipe finishing, polishing and grinding machine for irregular shaped tube and bar bent products.

From .39 inches to 3.93 inches diameter capacity.

LPC 400

For polishing or grinding of tubes, pipes, metal, wood and irregular shaped bent products.

From .39 inches to 4.72 inches diameter capacity.

LPC Series Options

A listing of options for the LPC series Planetary tube polishing machine. Variable speed drives, auto loaders, part feed, and more...

LT 80 / LT 110

Polish and finish tubes or bars with round, oval, elliptical or irregular sections.

Model NOK, tube notching machine

A tube & pipe notching machine for notching and shaping the ends of tubes. Bars, square tube, pipe and similar shapes can be notched or shaped on the ends with this notching machine.

Tube end finishing machine

This tube end deburring machine is for removing the burrs and jagged edges caused by cutting operations.




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